Bert Whoriskey, 87, hits second hole-in-one

bert whoriskey
Image caption City of Derry golfer Bert Whoriskey holed a seven iron at the 15th hole

A Londonderry golfer has scored the second hole-in-one of his playing career - at the age of 87.

Bert Whoriskey holed a seven iron at the 15th hole at City of Derry golf club.

The octogenarian defied odds of more than 12,500 to one to score his hole-in-one. It is the second time he has bagged an ace at the course.

Bert, a City of Derry member for more than 40 years, said his latest on course feat was "very exciting".

"The people I were playing with say it didn't even hit the green, it just went straight in.

"But to be honest, with a hole-in-one you have got to be a wee bit lucky."

Bert, City of Derry's oldest member, plays "five days a week, every week, weather permitting".

He said he hoped his latest ace will not be his last.

"One of my regular playing partners has hit 11, I've only had two.

"But I think I have a year or two left to get another one or two," he said.

Bert marked his latest feat in time honoured golfing tradition buying a round of drinks for his playing partners at the 19th hole.

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