Londonderry brewery advertises for beer taster job

A Derry brewery is advertising for a beer taster Image copyright Derry Journal
Image caption Friday's Derry Journal carried an advert for what some might consider the best job in the world

A brewery has advertised what they say is probably one of the best jobs in the world - the position of beer taster.

The successful candidate will be required on one day per month to taste up to 40 craft beers at the Walled City Brewery in Londonderry.

"A good palate and an understanding of the brewing process" were essential criteria for the unpaid position, said James Huey from the brewery.

He said the advertisement in Friday's Derry Journal had piqued interest.

The brewery had already received several applications for the post, said Mr Huey.

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Image caption Situations Vacant: A brewery is advertising the position of beer taster

The job advert promises transport to and from work is provided; overtime could well be a bonus.

"Training will be provided but ideally we are looking for an understanding of the nature of craft beers, for someone who knows a lot about flavours," said Mr Huey.

While beer testing might not be to your taste, there are plenty of unorthodox roles for those looking for an alternative to a nine-to-five.

Here are five other "dream jobs":

Caretaker of a tropical island

Image copyright Other
Image caption Ben Southall said the island caretaker role was 'six months of hard work'

In 2009, Ben Southall, a charity fundraiser from Petersfield, Hampshire was appointed caretaker of an Australian tropical island, a six-month position described as "the best job in the world".

The 34-year-old beat 34,000 applicants to secure the position, which came with a A$150,000 salary and a luxury villa on Hamilton Island, in Queensland.

"For me it was six months of hard work," he later said of his island adventure.

Water-slide tester

Three years ago, holiday company First Choice appointed its first ever water-slide tester.

Seb Smith, a student from Somerset, spent the summer of 2013 getting paid to rate water slides across the globe.

Bed tester

Most of us would be shown the door for sleeping on the job.

But not so, if your job is to test beds for a national hotel chain.

In October 2011, it was reported that Natalie Thomas, a bed tester for the Premier Inn chain, had insured her bottom for £4m.

Her role sees her test up to 25 beds a day.

'Chief funster'

Duties for one of the world's more unusual job titles included going to "parties and VIP events in New South Wales, Australia".

American Andrew Smith was one of six funsters chosen by Tourism Australia in 2013.

"In my opinion, chief funster is somebody who goes and discovers the passion behind what people do," he said.

Chocolate taster

For many, a coffee break chocolate bar is among the day's highlights.

But imagine if eating chocolate was your job?

In 2011, William Leigh was appointed "assistant chocolate taster" at Green & Blacks.

"It's certainly a full-time job," he said after taking up his role. "I'm in the kitchen every day at eight o'clock."

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