House party stabbing: John Paul O'Rourke jailed for eight years

Londonderry Magistrates' Court
Image caption O'Rourke attacked his victim with a kitchen knife

A 46-year-old man has been jailed for eight years stabbing a man at a house party in Londonderry.

John Paul O'Rourke from Glengrainne Gardens in Park stabbed his victim three times in the back with a kitchen knife.

The man suffered life threatening injuries after what was described in court as "an alcohol fuelled house brawl".

The judge told the defendant that his actions were cowardly.

O'Rourke also kicked his 45-year-old victim three times to the head and head butted him.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent following incidents which occurred inside and outside a house at Summer Meadows in the Waterside in the early hours of 20 July 2014.

Londonderry Crown Court was told that the victim sustained two punctured lungs and that he would have died if he had not received immediate treatment at Altnagelvin Hospital.

Both men had what the judge described as "a great deal of alcohol" before going to a house at Summer Meadows in the city where a fight broke out.

The police found the victim lying outside the house in a pool of blood, the court heard.

The court was also told that O'Rourke had shouted "I will cut his throat from ear to ear" before he stabbed the victim.

When arrested, O'Rourke told the police he had no memory of stabbing and head butting his victim and denied kicking the victim on the head.

He told the police that the victim had threatened members of his family.

The Judge told O'Rourke that the threats did not justify his subsequent violent behaviour.

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