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Columba the loggerhead turtle washes up in Donegal

image captionColumba is being treated for hypothermia by staff at Exploris, who are attempting to raise his body temperature gradually

A loggerhead turtle that washed up on a County Donegal beach is being treated for hypothermia at Exploris Aquarium in Portaferry, County Down.

It is believed the turtle was blown off course, swapping the warmth of the Gulf Stream for the colder waters of the North Atlantic, off Donegal.

Staff at the aquarium have named him Columba.

It has been 20 years since the aquarium has cared for a loggerhead turtle.

Tanya Singleton, who works at Exploris, says Columba's body temperature had dropped significantly, due to the length of time he had spent in cold waters.


"The most important thing once we got Columba in, was to get his body temperature raised, the core temperature, so we have to do that really gradually," she says.

"That's really all we're doing for him at the minute.

"He has also had antibiotics from the vets, so we're hoping there are no underlying issues."

So, will Columba make a speedy recovery and come out of his shell ever again?

"We hope it's just the cold he hasn't liked, but obviously time will tell," said Tanya.

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