Paul McCauley: Family of Derry assault victim 'accept police apology'

Derry civil servant Paul McCauley after he was beaten up in a sectarian attack in July 2006
Image caption Paul McCauley was attacked by a mob in 2006 and has never regained consciousness

The family of a Londonderry man who was left in a vegetative state after a violent sectarian attack have said they appreciate an apology by the PSNI chief constable.

Paul McCauley was attacked in 2006 by a mob at a barbecue in the Waterside. He has never regained consciousness.

His father, Jim, said the family felt the apology was an admission by police that there were failings in the case.

Only one person has ever been brought to justice.

Daryl Proctor, is serving a 12-year term for grievous bodily harm over the attack.

Addressing the McCauley family at a policing board meeting in the city on Wednesday, Chief Constable George Hamilton said: "It's a tragic devastating story and I'm sorry that not more people have been brought to justice for the suffering that your son and your family have had to endure over the last eight years."

Mr McCauley told BBC Radio Foyle's News at One programme that he felt the apology showed that Mr Hamilton was "quite informed" about his son's case.

"He knew exactly what he was talking about and it also showed strength of the man," he said.

"He was quite happy to apologise for the failing within his organisation in the early stages of the investigation. We know the case has been passed to a higher grouping, with the serious crime squad now helping the case.

"The police are facing massive frustrations in getting the information that they deserve and that the family deserve to get in order to put people behind bars."

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