£30,000 to be spent to rebrand Derry and Strabane 'super council'

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Media captionThe new council has temporarily been called Derry City and Strabane District council

Around £30,000 is to be spent on rebranding Derry and Strabane District super council.

The new council has temporarily been called Derry City and Strabane District council, although that is not its legal name.

Councillors in Londonderry will debate what the council will be called and a consultant will be employed to decide what signs and logos will be used.

The decision to employ a consultant was made at a council meeting on Monday.

SDLP councillor Gerard Diver, who chaired the meeting, said "a degree of expertise is required".

"I know it seems like a serious amount of money but this is an important piece of work for branding and identity," said Mr Diver.


"We hope to use the Derry City Council existing graphic design people to minimise cost if we can.

"I certainly hope this is not going to be a debate between parties in council.

"These things have been contentious in the past.

"People will have their own opinions but I hope we can arrive at something.

"We might not please everybody but we be able to get something that will get the bulk of people on board.

"Council members will have to agree a name themselves in the chamber.

"I personally would like to see Derry kept in the name but I'm not sure that would sit well with everyone.

"Branding is important. It's about the super council going forward.

"The name is important too. It needs to reflect the area that we are operating in."

The current crest for Derry City Council has a skeleton.

Strabane District Council's crest has a boat.

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