Rapist Frankie McFadden 'ripped my life apart' says victim

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Media captionMartina Johnston said her life was 'ripped apart'

A woman from Londonderry who was repeatedly raped and physically abused by her cousin over a ten year period has welcomed the man's 11-year prison sentence.

Frankie McFadden, 54, from Moyola Drive in the Shantallow area of Derry, was jailed on Monday.

He admitted sexually and physically abusing Martina Johnston, 44, between 1975 and 1985.

She was raped throughout four years within the ten year period.

She was aged six when the sexual abuse started.

Ms Johnston has waived her right to anonymity to expose McFadden's crimes.

"He ripped my life apart," Ms Johnston told the BBC.

"The sentence will never bring back my life but I'm just glad he is off the streets. I can start my life properly now with my family."

Londonderry Crown Court was told that McFadden admitted raping Ms Johnston several times a week.

He also committed other sexual assaults on her and admitted threatening to kill her when she told him she was going to disclose his abuse.

'Learn to live life'

"I'm speaking out to get these people off the streets.

"I was just a child, I didn't know any better.

"I told my mammy and daddy when I was in my twenties. My daddy was four years dead before I went to the police.

"I hadn't got the strength back then but now I do. All you have to do now is lift the phone.

"The law can only give out so much but I'm happy he is off the streets.

"I don't know what it's like to have a childhood. Even now I'm going to have to learn to live life.

"People say it must be bad because it was a family member but it doesn't matter who it is, it destroys you."

McFadden will also be on probation for two years after his prison release and he has been placed on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.