Londonderry residents fear city council camp site plans

St Columb's Park
Image caption A planned campsite beside St Columb's Park would accommodate visitors to the city during 2013

Derry City Council has been setting out proposals for a campsite beside St Columb's Park to accommodate visitors to the city during 2013.

A public information session was held at St Columb's Park House on Wednesday.

Local residents from areas such as Browning Drive and the Limavady Road were there to put their concerns directly to council officials.

If the site, which would cost £290,000, gets the planning green light, it could be open as soon as next May.

But some residents say they would have serious reservations.

"Our worries are the impact on the traffic, at the moment the Limavady Road is absolutely chaotic," one said.

"The Peace Bridge is fantastic but the parking on Browning Drive is chaos.


"I can't understand why the council would want to bring caravans and campers into the city.

"They should be on the outskirts of the city and bus people in, I don't think a residential area is the place to build a caravan and camping park."

Another said: "Our only concern is traffic getting out from Browning Drive. It is a nightmare at the moment.

"Traffic has increased ten fold since the Peace Bridge went in, at least they should provide some traffic lights immediately."

Colin Kennedy from Derry City Council said he hoped they were able to reassurance residents.

"The houses are significantly far away from the site," he said.

"The site does bound the park and it does bound Ebrington, so in terms of residential proximity it is actually quite some distance away.

"It is important that we take on board the concerns that we have heard from residents."

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