Londonderry family escapes arson attack on their home

A Londonderry father of three has spoken of his shock after arsonists targeted his home while his family was asleep.

Alan Jack says a brown paper bag was set alight and pushed through the letter box of his home in Eastway in Creggan on Thursday night.

He only discovered the attack on Friday night.

Mr Jack said his family were lucky that the bag did not set fire to curtains close to the door.

"We could easily be talking about five family members being taken to hospital or even worse.

"We didn't even know it had happened until we were taking the kids to school.

"I have no idea why we were targeted.

"Maybe it was kids acting up but if it is they will have to rethink because this is people's lives they are playing with."


Mr Jack said if the curtains had caught fire he and his wife and three children would have been trapped downstairs.

"There's no doubt about it.

"It is not the flames that kill you it is the smoke and they are heavy set curtains which would have given off a lot of smoke.

"I have lived in this house for 12 years and never had any problems.

"You like to think when you go to your bed you are going to be safe in your house.

"Then again my 15 year old son was up until after midnight on the computer so it must have happened sometime after that.

"For any kind of children to be running about at that time of night, what does that say?"