Niece vows to clear Bloody Sunday victim Donaghey

Image caption Lord Saville says he stands by his finding that Gerald Donaghey probably had nail bombs when he was shot

The niece of one of those killed on Bloody Sunday has pledged to fight on to clear his name.

Geraldine Doherty was speaking after Lord Saville turned down her appeal to re-examine the circumstances of 17-year-old Gerald Donaghey's death.

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry's chairman said he stood by his finding that he was probably armed with nail bombs when he was shot by Soldier G.

Geraldine Doherty maintains that they were planted on his body.

She said that she was "not surprised" that Lord Saville had declined to reopen his inquiry.

"Nothing surprises me," she said. "He took the easy way out."

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry found that Gerald Donaghey was not preparing to throw the nail bombs at the time when he was shot, and that he was not shot because he was carrying them.

Lord Saville said the inquiry had looked at his death at "considerable length".

"We couldn't exclude the possibility that the nail bombs had been planted on him.

"But we came to the conclusion that the balance of probabilities of those two possibilities lay in the conclusion that he probably had the nail bombs on him when he was shot, not sure about it, but it was probably the case."

Geraldine Doherty said that, alone of all the victims, his name had not been fully cleared.

"I will keep going," she said.

"As my mum said nearly a week before she died, I will keep fighting to get his name cleared properly, to get that stain off it, no matter how long it takes me."

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