Londonderry man jailed for trying to strangle partner

A man battered his partner and tried to strangle her after he was woken up by their three-year-old child Londonderry Magistrates Court heard on Friday.

Thomas David McNair, 41, of Kimberly Hill was charged with aggravated assault on his partner on 16 June.

Passing sentence District Judge Barney McElhome said the offence was carried out while McNair was attending a course on domestic violence.

Judge McElhome sentenced McNair to five months in prison.

The court heard that after the incident, which occurred in front of the three-year-old, the child was extremely distressed.

Judge McElhome said that the courts had to deal with the "absurd notion among many males that they could simply hit women".

He said that when something went wrong for McNair, such as when he was made redundant or when woken by his child, he would hit his partner.

The court heard that after one assault, the woman had required 19 stitches and Mr McElhome said that after that any decent person would have stopped drinking but McNair had not.

The judge also said he saw a pattern in the fact that the woman would plead on McNair's behalf after the assaults.

He said he was not impressed by this and as a matter of public policy and to protect the children in this case he was sending McNair to prison for five months.