Bomb alert at Craigavon bridge in Londonderry a hoax

A security alert which closed the Craigavon Bridge in Londonderry for several hours on Thursday has ben declared a hoax.

A controlled explosion was carried out on a suspicious object at about 1700 BST.

An item was removed from the scene and was examined by army technical officers.

Acting Chief Inspector Jon Burrows, the Foyle area commander, has condemned those responsible for leaving the object.

He said the act was "callous and reckless in the extreme".

The acting chief inspector called the perpetrators "selfish cowards" and said they "don't give a damn about the people of this city".

He added: "There is understandable dismay and anger in the city over the inconvenience caused by this alert."

The bridge was also the subject of a security alert on Tuesday. Nothing was found when the area was searched.