Lyrid meteor shower lights up the Northern Ireland sky

By Angie Phillips
BBC News NI Weather Presenter

Image source, Getty Images
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A telescope is not needed to see the Lyrid meteor showing in the skies above Northern Ireland

Astronomers will well be aware that we are currently in the middle of a Lyrid meteor shower.

The Lyrids have been visible our sky since 13 April and peaked early on the morning of Thursday, with up to 20 meteors in an hour.

But you can still catch a glimpse of them in the night sky until 27 April and you do not need a telescope to see them.

Just head outside after dark and look up.

There is a good chance you will get lucky and see a few of the fireballs streaking across the atmosphere.

Weather conditions are pretty ideal for spotting meteors, as high pressure is bringing fine and dry weather and not much cloud.

The sky should be fairly clear for stargazers for at least for the next couple of nights.

To stand a better view, it is always better with as little light pollution as possible.

Rural areas are best, especially after the moon sets, which is between 03:00 BST and 04:00 over the next couple of nights.

If you are planning to venture out in the early hours, wrap up warm. It may be April but it's going to be another chilly one.