Covid-19: More than 200 Covid fines issued in past week

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More than 200 Covid-19 penalty notices were handed out by police in Northern Ireland in the past week.

It brings the total number of fines handed to individuals since the pandemic began to 4,260.

Of these - 2,101 are the older "COV1" fines, while 2,159 are the "COV4" fines which were introduced when the minimum penalty was raised from £60 to £200 in October.

They are given to individuals for breaching coronavirus rules.

The latest update from police also revealed a total of 55 fines have been handed out since March to people for failing to isolate, carrying a penalty of £1,000.

Meanwhile 1,156 "COV2" prohibition notices have been issued to businesses or to private dwellings where gatherings were being held.

In total 57 "COV5" fines have been issued to businesses or premises breaching the regulations. These start at £1,000 and can rise to a maximum of £10,000.

Police have also handed out 1,825 community resolution notices.

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