Coronavirus: How Covid-19 has spread across Northern Ireland

By Luke Sproule

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Every day the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland releases new figures about coronavirus.

These include how many people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 have died in hospital and how many new cases have been diagnosed.

It is also possible to see what parts of Northern Ireland have the most coronavirus cases, the age profile and what percentage of tests are positive.

These graphs illustrate some of these aspects of the outbreak.

Coronavirus in Northern Ireland. .  .

The first death was confirmed on 19 March and there have now been 134 deaths. However, these figures only cover people who died in hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19 and not those who died in care homes or elsewhere.

The biggest rise in a single 24 hour period was 15, which was announced on 11 April.

Coronavirus in Northern Ireland. .  .

From Friday 17 April, figures for the number of deaths in non-hospital settings are to be released.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra) said that, where possible, its weekly report would also state if the deaths took place in care homes.

Since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in NI on 27 February, the number has risen rapidly, and as of Tuesday stood at 1,967.

These cases are only those confirmed following testing, so there will be more people who have had coronavirus but are not included in the figures as they have not been tested.

Some of those will have had symptoms and will suspect they had the virus, others will have had mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

The number of tests being carried out has risen as the crisis has gone on, which partly explains why the numbers of positive results has risen, along with the natural spread of the virus.

Daily coronavirus testing in Northern Ireland. .  .

This graph shows the percentage of positive tests recorded each day as well as the percentage of negative tests.

Over the past seven days, the percentage of positive tests has varied between 13% and 28% - the average is 21% over that period.

The total number of individuals tested is 13,095. Some people may have been tested more than once.

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The vast majority of cases - about a third - are in Belfast, which is the biggest council area in Northern Ireland with an estimated population of 342,000 according to the most recent figures.

Fermanagh and Omagh is the district with the smallest number of cases, it is also the smallest council area in terms of population, estimated at 117,000.

You can also check out how many cases there are in your area by entering your postcode below:

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Coronavirus in Northern Ireland. Age of positive cases.  .

The age profile shows confirmed cases spread relatively evenly across all age groups.

The median age for those who have died in hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19 in Northern Ireland is 81.