Northern Ireland

Newry security alert: Child lifts parts for an explosive device

Google map showing Violet Hill Avenue area of Newry Image copyright Google Maps

Army bomb experts carried out a controlled explosion after a child lifted what is believed to be component parts for an explosive device in Newry.

A number of homes were evacuated after reports of a suspicious object in the Violet Hill Avenue area at about 15.45 GMT on Sunday afternoon.

The alert is now over and several items were taken away to be examined.

PSNI Supt Jane Humphries said: "We believe these to be component parts of an explosive device.

"When such items are left in a public area they can be innocently handled by anyone and on this occasion it was picked up by a child."

She said the police appreciated the disruption the alert had caused, but "when it comes to keeping people safe we do not take chances".

"I can only reinforce to everyone that if you see anything suspicious please do not lift it or approach it," Supt Humphries added.

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