Ex-headmaster brands sex abuse claims 'a pack of lies'

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William Lloyd-Lavery is on trial for child sex offences at Craigavon Crown Court

A retired headmaster accused of historical sex abuse has called the allegations against him a "pack of lies".

Giving evidence to Craigavon Crown Court on Thursday, William Lloyd-Lavery said the claims against him were "disgusting."

Mr Lloyd-Lavery, from Richmond Avenue in Lisburn, was principal of Lurgan Technical College from 1992 to 1997.

The 71-year-old is facing charges of 13 child sex offences.

Mr Lloyd-Lavery allegedly committed the offences against his male victim.

The offences include: indecent assault; committing an act of gross indecency towards a child; inciting a child to engage in an act of gross indecency; and taking an indecent photograph of a child.

All offences are alleged to have been committed on dates unknown between 29 December 1980 and 1 February 1988.

'Could hardly believe'

Giving evidence on his own behalf, the accused said the claims against him were "disgusting."

"I certainly did nothing of the kind," Mr Lloyd-Lavery told the defence barrister.

"I'm quite outraged by it," he said.

Questioned about the allegations, Mr Lloyd-Lavery told the court the account given by the complainant was "nonsense [with] no truth in it whatsoever".

The prosecution has alleged abuse took place in the defendant's living room.

Mr Lloyd-Lavery told the jury his living room was "frequently open" with people in the busy household "going back and forwards" to and from the adjacent kitchen.

"I never, ever did any of that. I find the idea completely revolting," said Mr Lloyd-Lavery, responding to specifics of the claims made against him.

He told the jury when he first heard the allegations he "could hardly believe them".

"There's no truth in it - it didn't happen hundreds of times, it didn't happen once," said Mr Lloyd-Lavery.

Case against

It is the Crown case that Mr Lloyd-Lavery repeatedly abused the alleged victim between the ages of six and 13.

Giving evidence to the jury on Wednesday, the complainant claimed Mr Lloyd-Lavery repeatedly told him "not to say anything" about the alleged abuse.

The jury of four men and eight women have also heard claims that on Monday, when the two men inadvertently met in the courthouse toilet, Mr Lloyd-Lavery said "I'm sorry" to his alleged victim.

The jury have already heard that the accused was first questioned by police about the allegations in 1989 and that the defendant denied any wrongdoing.

The case continues.