Northern Ireland

Aimee Brady: Magherafelt girl waiting for heart transplant dies

Aimee Brady
Image caption Aimee had been in hospital since January

An 11-year-old girl has died after waiting nine months in hospital for a heart transplant.

Aimee Brady, from Magherafelt, had been in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children since January waiting for a new heart to become available.

In August, she made a public appeal for greater discussion around organ transplant donation.

Aimee's wish was never granted. She passed away with her family by her side on Wednesday.

Her appeal to the public from PICU, the children's Intensive Care Unit, touched many.

After Aimee shared her story in August, people sent cards from England and Scotland. Her story became a hit on social media.

During a visit, Aimee and I made a beaded bracelet for her best friend.

The colour purple dominated, it was her favourite.

Image caption Aimee spent nine months in the children's Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Belfast Hospital

After reading a few chapters from a book she asked if we could chat instead.

Aimee told me that she missed her brother and her mum's cooking, that she was bored and just wanted to go home.

In the background machines were beeping - I recall her saying: "That means my heart is working ok."

After a while her Dad arrived with a plated dinner - "a wee treat".

He also came with a chest of drawers to erect - an indication of her time spent in hospital.

Image caption Aimee's family said they will continue to campaign to encourage others to become organ donors

Aimee understood that someone else was going to have to die in order for her to live.

For one so young she understood the gift of life.

Aimee's parents Valerie and Stephen said their daughter would want their campaign to continue and plan to carry on in her memory.

Aimee's brother Taylor will help.

It was a pleasure to meet Aimee - such a brave and beautiful girl with such a lovely smile.