Northern Ireland

Elderly Castledawson woman 'waking in night' after attack

Gwenny Stewart
Image caption Gwenny Stewart says she fears the attack has "finished" her

An elderly victim of a suspected sectarian attack in County Londonderry has said it has left her living in fear.

A large stone was thrown through a window of Gwenny Stewart's home at Parker Avenue in Castledawson at about 14:45 BST on Friday. No-one was hurt.

"I haven't long to go - I know for this has finished me," she told BBC News NI.

Her husband John Henry Stewart said the stone missed him by a few feet when it came through the front window.

Image copyright Stewart family
Image caption The stone was wrapped in paper that featured a threatening message

Mrs Stewart, 78, said paper was wrapped around the stone, with a note that read: "Get out."

"Last night... I wakened up every two or three minutes," said Mrs Stewart, who has limited mobility.

"[I was] jumping in the bed every wee noise that I heard - I thought they were going to do the same thing."

Image caption The stone was thrown through the Stewarts' window on Friday afternoon

Mr Stewart, 79, said he had been watching tennis on television at the time of the attack.

"I'm very angry - if I had been another two or three feet over I would've got it," he said.

Their daughter Denise Young said her mother is unable to leave the house due to her limited mobility and her father has been diagnosed with cancer.

Image caption John Henry Stewart says he is angry about the attack

She said the couple are Protestants who had lived in Castledawson for more than 20 years with "no bother from anyone".

"Thank the Lord that nobody has been hurt in this incident," she added.

"But it is going to shorten their days - they're both in so bad health."

Police have appealed for anyone with information about the attack to contact them.