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Maud Nicholl: 'Ireland's oldest woman' celebrates 110th birthday

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A woman from Randalstown in County Antrim has celebrated her 110th birthday.

Maud Nicholl was born on 3 July 1909 and is now thought to be Ireland's oldest woman, the News Letter reports.

Her birthday was celebrated by neighbours, friends and family at the Glenkeen nursing home on Wednesday.

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She had been living independently until she suffered a fall this year and moved into the home where she is cared for around the clock.

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) councillor Beth Adger was among those who attended Ms Nicholl's birthday celebrations.

"She was in great form," said Mrs Adger.

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"Every time I think of Maud I smile, she is such a lovely woman.

"She has a great chuckle of a laugh and it makes you feel good."

Ms Nicholl's cousin Maureen, who also lives in the Glenkeen nursing home, gave a speech honouring the day but Ms Nicholl decided it was too long and had a little nap.

"[Maud] lived up the road from me and gave up her work in an office years ago to look after her father until he died and then did the same for her brother," said Ms Adger.

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"She never married and she only had the one brother."

Ms Nicholl received a card from the Queen for her birthday, her 10th one since her centenary year.

Mrs Adger told BBC News NI that Ms Nicholl loves poetry and her Bible.

"I think that's what has kept her going all these years - her strong faith in God and her great sense of humour," she said.