Northern Ireland

Monday's papers: Young Catholic numbers in custody

Front page of the Daily Mirror Image copyright Daily Mirror

The Irish News leads with a story on young offender statistics, which show young people from Catholic backgrounds are three times more likely to be in custody.

Young offenders aged 10 to 17 in Northern Ireland are held in Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre in Bangor, County Down.

"We have asked various agencies what they are doing to work out why we are disproportionally locking up more children from one religion than another," said Koulla Yiasouma, the commissioner for children and young people.

"You can't just produce a statistic like that and then not do any further work on the why."

Tributes to Darren O'Neill, who died at the weekend after what was described by police as a "one-punch incident", is covered widely across the front pages of Monday's papers.

The 22-year-old was admitted to hospital in a critical condition after an alleged incident on Tyrella Beach in County Down.

Police confirmed on Sunday that Mr O'Neill had later died.

The front of Monday's News Letter has the headline Beach assault victim 'saw best in everyone'.

Image caption The alleged assault happened at Tyrella Beach in County Down

It contains a number of tributes posted to social media from friends and family of the victim.

The story on his death also makes the front of the Daily Mirror and the Belfast Telegraph.

Inside, the Daily Mirror has a heart-warming story about a child from Ballynahinch in County Down being fitted with a prosthetic hand.

Eight-year-old Alfie Hunter had written to Santa every Christmas asking for the bionic item, and now, thanks to a US-based donor, will receive the £8,000 state-of-the-art 'Hero Arm'.

The owner of a dog left inside a car in County Fermanagh has been "dealt with appropriately" by police, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

The dog, which had been left inside a vehicle in Enniskillen, was taken by police to a bar in the local area.

The owner of the dog had been delayed in returning due to road closures.

Writing on social media, police said the owner of the dog had been contacted.

"People can be prosecuted and fined for similar offences but on this occasion advice and guidance was given," they said.