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NI paper review: Malachi Cush features on all the front pages

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All of Northern Ireland's papers feature County Tyrone singer Malachi Cush on their front pages and it is the lead story in the Irish News.

Mr Cush was injured, a long with a man in his 50s, in a crash in Dungannon on Monday.

All of the papers also cover the police decision to drop an investigation into journalists Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey.

They were arrested on 31 August last year over the suspected theft of confidential documents from the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman's office, connected to a documentary film, No Stone Unturned.

The Belfast Telegraph leads with a story on benefit fraud, which it bills as an exclusive.

Fewer than a quarter of suspected benefit fraudsters are taken to court according to the paper.

The Belfast Telegraph reports "just 23 people have been jailed for benefit fraud here in the last six years".

'Man of passions'

The News Letter's main story focuses on the funeral of a well-known restaurateur.

53-year-old Derek Patterson, who headed up the Plough Inn in Hillsborough, County Down, died suddenly last week.

Mourners at Hillsborough Presbyterian Church heard Mr Patterson had a "larger than life personality" and that he was a "man of passions".

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Image caption Two men, including singer Malachi Cush, were injured in Monday's collision in Scotch Street in Dungannon

The Daily Mirror carries the story of how "Ulster scientists have developed a new test for heart attacks which could save thousands of lives".

Scientists at Queen's University Belfast have developed a new blood test which detects heart failure at an early stage, the Daily Mirror reports.

In politics, the Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley has an opinion article in the Belfast Telegraph.

Mrs Bradley writes that politicians must seize the "narrow window of opportunity" to restore power sharing.


The News Letter and Irish News editorials take slightly different stances on US President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK.

The News Letter states clearly that US presidents should always be made welcome but the Irish News is a little more circumspect.

It says that there will be "mixed feelings" at the visit, while saying that President Trump has "appalling manners", a "lack of respect for others" and even a "loose relationship with the truth".

The Belfast Telegraph's opinion column speaks of the challenges facing the new Presbyterian moderator, Reverend Dr William Henry.

The paper writes that there is plenty for him to do as the church navigates "complex social issues".