Wednesday's headlines: Brexit, Brexit and McGregor's arrest

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Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit dominates Wednesday's front pages after a turbulent evening in the House of Commons.

The Belfast Telegraph leads with comments from DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds, calling on MPs to keep the threat of a no-deal Brexit alive ahead of another vote on Wednesday.

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DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds is calling on MP's to keep the threat of a no-deal Brexit alive

Mr Dodds warned that it would be a "totally self-defeating and utterly counter productive" move to remove the threat of a no-deal, which would strengthen Brussels hand.

He added: "Once you take that threat off you are bound to be offered terms which are less advantageous in the sure and certain knowledge that the other side have that you're not going to walk away."

The paper also reports that DUP MP Sammy Wilson tweeted on Tuesday: "Respect the constitutional and economic integrity of the UK and you will have a deal".

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Former Tory chairman Lord Patten argues that the DUP's approach to Brexit is damaging the union and aiding the cause of Irish nationalism.

The Irish News headlines on reaction from former Tory chairman Chris Patten, who argues that the DUP's approach to Brexit is damaging the union and aiding the cause of Irish nationalism.

Lord Patten oversaw the reform of Northern Ireland policing in the aftermath of the Good Friday Agreement 20 years ago.


The newspaper reports that he argued that the DUP has "undermined" both unionism's case and "the sort of arguments that should be at the core of what they believe in".

Lord Patten also told the Irish News that Arlene Foster's recent remarks about Brussels and Dublin's intransigence demonstrated to him that "political irony wasn't dead".

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Conor McGregor last fought in UFC in October 2018 when he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov

A welcome Brexit break now, as the Daily Mirror has the latest developments from a Conor McGregor run-in on its front page.

Mr Abdirzak was allegedly attacked by the Dublin fighter who he claims destroyed his phone with "proper power" before fleeing in his trademark "billionaire strut".

'Criminal mischief'

The incident has left Conor McGregor facing two felony charges of criminal mischief and strong-arm robbery, which is punishable by up to 15 years in jail.

The Mirror reports that this comes just days after he completed community service in New York for disorderly conduct handed down after he attacked a bus.

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A surfer makes the most of the waves on the north coast

And the Newsletter whips up a storm as a it reports that a yellow warning for wind is to remain in place until Wednesday afternoon as Storm Gareth continues to batter Northern Ireland.

The good news is that the Met Office has said that it expects the wind to gradually decline into Wednesday afternoon.