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Belfast Airport: Investigation after 'altercation'

image captionThe passengers involved armed themselves with poles and threw shopping baskets

An investigation has started after an altercation between groups of passengers at Belfast International Airport.

The incident happened in the departure area on Saturday evening, said a spokeswoman for the airport.

Videos on social media show men armed with poles, throwing shopping baskets and a fire extinguisher.

The PSNI said officers attended to assist airport police, who are dealing with the issue.

The airport spokeswoman said some people involved "did not travel following the incident".

But she did not say if anyone had been arrested, or if those passengers who did not travel had been prevented from doing so or had chosen not to.

The airport spokeswoman also said the fight had been "unsettling for both passengers and staff alike".

"The incident, in its entirety, lasted seven minutes, with police arriving on scene within three minutes," she said.

"The rapid intervention of police was not captured in the videos posted on social media."

A PSNI spokesperson said: "PSNI provided assistance to airport police following a report of an incident at Belfast International Airport.

"The matter is now being dealt with by airport police."

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