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Londonderry bombing: Grandfather shocked at CCTV pictures

media caption'She doesn't know how lucky she is'

The grandfather of a 14-year-old girl who walked past a bomb in Londonderry shortly before it exploded has spoken of his shock.

Alfie McAleer's granddaughter was filmed on CCTV walking with friends on Bishop Street on Saturday night, just feet from a car which later blew up.

The bomb exploded outside the city's courthouse after a pizza delivery vehicle was hijacked at gun point.

media captionLondonderry bomb sequence

The prime minister has condemned the bombing.

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A CCTV clip posted on Twitter by police showed a group of seven young people walking past the vehicle in Bishop Street shortly before the blast.

Mr McAleer told BBC News NI that his granddaughter was among the group and he claimed all seven teenagers could have been killed.

"Your thoughts very much are what could have happened... it's difficult to get that point out of your head," Mr McAleer said.

He said his family was "devastated" when they realised the full extent of the danger to which their granddaughter had been exposed.

He explained that the group of teenagers are from "mixed" religious backgrounds and had little experience of Northern Ireland's troubled past.

"They don't understand anything about the '70s or '80s, they know nothing about it," he said.

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"I don't even think they know what one another's religion is and they are out there, just walking around having a nice evening and they walk past that.

"I don't think [my granddaughter] still understands just how lucky she was, I don't think she understands at all because she has no connection with that time period or that era."

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