Northern Ireland

St Therese's Primary School roof smashed by youths in Galliagh

St Therese's Primary School Image copyright Google Maps

Youths have caused significant damage to a Londonderry primary school after they climbed on to the roof and smashed skylight windows with slabs of stone.

Six skylights were broken in the attack on St Therese's Primary School in Galliagh on Sunday night, police said.

The broken glass "rained down into the rooms below causing damage to printers and general devastation," according to a post on PSNI Foyle's Facebook page.

Officers have appealed for witnesses to contact them.

"Our schools are already suffering with many only surviving by equipment donations and fundraisers by parents," PSNI Foyle said.

"Let us know who these youths are. They need to learn to cherish our communities rather than destroy them."

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