Northern Ireland

West Belfast: Youths throw bottles and stones at cars

PSNI crest

A large group of young people threw bottles and stones at motorists in west Belfast on Saturday evening, say police.

The group of about 150, gathered at Falls Park shortly after 19:00 GMT.

According to police, the young people were drinking and attacked officers who responded to reports that they were causing anti-social behaviour.

No cars were damaged, but a window at a nearby commercial premises had been damaged by a bottle.

Sinn Féin Councillor Steven Corr condemned the incident.

"With the Christmas holidays, alcohol is more prevalent in houses and children are taking alcohol from their home and bringing it out in backpacks," he said.

"Kids have the money, accessibility and time off school - and with the weather being milder this year they can stay out longer."

He added: "I would appeal to all parents to check where their children are going at night, and to tell them to stay away from trouble."

Insp McCullough described it as "reckless behaviour".

"It's important to stress that not all the youths involved in last night's anti-social behaviour are from the Falls area, but are coming into the area from elsewhere," he said.

"It's not about spoiling fun, this is about keeping people safe."