NI paper review: Brexit and a historic Irish rugby win

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Brexit - and Ireland's historic rugby win - dominate Monday's front pages.

The paper has carried a warning from Angela McGowan, the director of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in Northern Ireland.

Ahead of a meeting between business leaders and the Northern Ireland secretary, she said companies "simply could not cope with a no-deal Brexit".

The Irish News described the trip to Belfast by Karen Bradley on Monday as an attempt to "pitch the deal as a decisive step forward", in which she will insist it can deliver for everyone in Northern Ireland.

The newspaper quotes DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, who rejected claims the party has been isolated by the business community in its opposition to the deal.

"Already we are being contacted by many business people who share our view that in the long-term this deal is not good for the economy of Northern Ireland," he said.

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image captionIreland's historic win over New Zealand also dominates the front pages

In the News Letter, DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds said the UK is facing a choice between a "bad deal" and the "right deal".

"The damning criticism expressed by the former Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, spelt out how dangerous this Withdrawal Agreement is.

"Northern Ireland will be treated as a third country for regulatory purposes, and absolutely it threatens the union... unionism stands united in opposition (to the deal)," added the DUP North Belfast MP.

Army 'on standby'

It reports the military "may be called on to quell civil unrest, ease traffic jams at ports and fly in medicines amid shortages".

The potential intervention of the Army is described by Labour as "an admission of failure" of the government's Brexit preparations.

Turning to matters sporting, images of Ireland's first ever win over the mighty New Zealand on Irish soil adorn the front pages of the News Letter and The Belfast Telegraph, while a County Armagh GAA club with close family links to Irish rugby captain Rory Best speak of their pride in The Irish News.

Inside The Irish News, an actor and drag queen has appealed for the return of his distinctive orange wig after it was stolen outside a Belfast bar at the weekend.

Matthew Cavan, also known as Cherrie On Top, has made an impassioned plea on social media for information on its' whereabouts.

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image captionDr Michael Maguire is due to step down as Police Ombudsman next July

It was taken from a table outside The Errigle Inn on the Ormeau Road in the early hours of Sunday.

There's just over a month until Christmas, and for a lot of people across Northern Ireland, that means paying someone else to cook the traditional dinner on Christmas Day.

Research conducted by The Belfast Telegraph shows there is no availability at many popular hotels for Christmas Day, despite prices reaching almost £600 for a family of four.

Dr Michael Maguire is set to step down in July next year, and the closing date for applications to replace him is December 12.

Inside the Daily Mirror, people are being advised to contact police if they receive a threatening email from scammers claiming to have evidence of porn use.

The scammer, going by the name of Pascal Goto, demands $7,000 (£5,439) in bitcoin payment in return for not emailing private porn videos and a viewing history to contacts in the recipient's email account.

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