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NI newspaper review: GPs' dread, legend's death and Frampton theft

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The dread of Northern Ireland GPs, the death of a legend and Carl Frampton's jacket all feature in Tuesday's papers.

"Stressed GPs live in dread of a fatal mistake" is the front page headline in the Belfast Telegraph.

The paper says that GPs in Northern Ireland are so overworked that they fear making a mistake that could lead to a manslaughter charge.

It says some practices cannot find doctors to take permanent jobs.

"One practice has been unable to fill a vacancy despite spending £3,000 on a UK-wide advertising campaign," the paper says.

The Irish News leads with the news that four priests have been interviewed by police and released on bail in relation to the investigation of a County Down paedophile cleric.

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Image caption Fr Malachy Finegan, who died in 2002, has been accused of a litany of sexual and physical abuse against young boys

Fr Malachy Finegan, who died in 2002, has been accused of a litany of sexual and physical abuse against young boys.

Finegan also taught at St Colman's College in Newry and police are investigating whether anyone else at the school abused children while he worked there from 1967-1987.

A solicitor who represents Finegan's victims has told the Irish News that four priests have been interviewed by police.

Also on the front page of the Irish News are pictures of Sinn Féin's Belfast headquarters which was attacked in the early hours of Monday.

West Belfast MP Paul Maskey says the arson attack at Connolly House could have caused a major oil fire.

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Image caption An arson attack at Connolly House prompted contrasting headlines in the News Letter and Irish News

The story also appears in the News Letter, with the headline: "Abstentionist MP: Attack won't stop us representing electorate".

The News Letter leads with the trial of a man for the attempted murder of a police officer.

The officer's wife told Belfast Crown Court of her "sheer disbelief" on seeing a "skinny man" attaching what turned out to be a bomb under her husband's car.

The smiling face of Northern Ireland and Burnley football star Jimmy McIlroy graces the front of the paper.

The death of the 86-year-old, described by Burnley as their greatest ever player, was confirmed on Monday.

Fellow Northern Ireland star Peter McParland tells the paper: "He made the game simple. He was calm, cool and collected. He was like that off the field too."

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Image caption Jimmy McIlroy has been described as cool, calm and collected

Writing in the Irish News, the paper's Simon Doyle, himself a Burnley fan, says "fans throw the word legend around, but McIlroy fitted the description".

Sticking with sporting matters, the Irish News says that some lucky schoolchildren in County Tyrone will be given the day off next Monday following Sunday's All-Ireland Gaelic football final.

Whether they will be spending that day in celebration or nursing their sorrows, I'm sure few will complain.

There is of course , another rather big event taking place in Dublin this week and both the Belfast Telegraph and News Letter feature criticism of the DUP from Catholic Ulster Unionist councillor Stephen McCarthy.

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Image caption The DUP have been criticised for not sending a representative to the Pope's visit

Referring to the DUP's decision not to send anyone to the Pope's visit, Mr McCarthy says that "any unionist party that wants to see the union survive should be looking beyond its traditional base".

Also writing in the Telegraph, journalist Suzanne Breen says meeting the Pope would have been an "easy gig" for DUP leader Arlene Foster.

The Telegraph and Daily Mirror both report that young mother Shiva Devine, who was killed in an horrific crash in County Donegal at the weekend had been involved in a previous car accident just hours before.

The paper says that a woman critically injured in the later fatal crash was also in the car when the first one happened.

Finally, the Belfast Telegraph reports on what was probably Carl Frampton's only moment of panic during his triumphant Saturday night at Windsor Park.

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Image caption Losing his jacket was probably Carl Frampton's only moment of panic at Windsor Park

The paper says Frampton posted on social media to say the ring jacket he wore into his fight with Luke Jackson had disappeared.

Around an hour later, he posted again: "Found the culprit. Social media is a wonderful thing for catching thieves."