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NI Newspapers: A life-saving map and Adams' cook book

An emergency defibrillator on a wall in the centre of Garforth, Leeds. Image copyright PA
Image caption Emergency defibrillators are becoming a more common sight in town centres, offices, gyms, community centres and sports clubs

The locations of defibrillators are to be mapped within the next year to help improve cardiac arrest survival rates, according to Wednesday's papers.

The Daily Mirror and Belfast Telegraph reports that the British Heart Foundation are teaming up with the ambulance service and Microsoft to develop the software.

In Northern Ireland, less than 10 out of 1,400 people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital survive.

The British Heart Foundation said that public defibrillators are used in less than 3% of these instances because people just don't know where the defibrillators are.

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Image caption The PSNI took part in the Pride parade on Saturday

The Belfast Pride parade was on Saturday but the repercussions continue for the Ulster Unionist Party.

As reported on Monday in this column, the parade was attended by most of Northern Ireland's political parties including the Ulster Unionists.

Speaking on the day, Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie said his party "missed the bus" on supporting LGBT rights and was doing everything possible to "catch-up".

His words did not go unnoticed by party colleague Sydney Cairns, according to the News Letter.

Mr Cairns, who is a former mayor of Craigavon, called for Mr Beattie to resign his Upper Bann seat.

The News Letter reports that Mr Cairns said Mr Beattie's views do "not represent the views of this community on same-sex marriage".

Mr Cairns added: "I don't know what Bible he reads, but it isn't the one we read."

Dismissing the call to resign, Mr Beattie said he has been clear with his support for same-sex marriage since he first entered politics and that the party regards the issue of same-sex marriage as a matter of conscience.

He added: "I will remain open to many diverse views on same-sex marriage but I will not be changing mine."

Image caption DUP MLA Jim Wells resigned as Stormont Health Minister in 2015 shortly after he made remarks linking same-sex relationships to child abuse

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is also dealing with internal strife on LGBT issues.

MLA Jim Wells has called for his party colleague Paula Bradley to be disciplined for co-sponsoring an Alternative Queer Ulster event at Stormont.

Mr Wells accused Mrs Bradley of bringing the DUP into disrepute and, speaking to the News Letter, he branded the event as "vulgar" and "highly embarrassing" for the DUP.

Footage of Saturday's event showed drag queen Electra swearing loudly into a microphone during her speech.

In the wake of the controversy, the DUP has said no one from the party will act as a co-sponsor for such an event in the future.

Image caption Rory Best is practising his sheep driving skills

Meanwhile, it's good news for Rory Best as he will soon be able to drive his sheep "unimpeded" through The Mall in Armagh.

The rugby international will receive the Freedom of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon, at a ceremony in September.

As the Belfast Telegraph reports, Best is only the second person to be bestowed with the honour.

Although we're not so sure the rest of the Ireland rugby team will be as easy to manage on The Mall as they are on the pitch.

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Image caption Former Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is to pen a cookbook

And, finally, in the 'I thought it was fake news' category are reports that Gerry Adams is to pen his own recipe book.

The Irish News, News Letter, Belfast Telegraph and Irish Daily Mirror all report that the book will include recipes that "sustained republicans through nights of and years of negotiations".

As the Irish News reports, people on social media were already second guessing some of the recipes including "braised shin of beef" and "Good fried-egg Agreement".

Headline of the day goes to the Irish Daily Mirror for "Gerry causes stir with cook book", with an honourable mention to one beyond this parish - Sky News' "Give Peas a chance". Bravo.

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