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NI paper review: Stolen car crash 'carnage'

News Letter Wednesday 4 July 2018 Image copyright News Letter
Daily Mirror Wednesday 4 July 2018 Image copyright Daily Mirror

Graphic images of a crash on the Crumlin road in north Belfast dominate all of Northern Ireland's papers on Wednesday.

Six adults and a child were injured in the incident which happened on Tuesday evening..

Police said the crash involved six cars, one of which was stolen from Thirlmere Gardens on Sunday.

The Police Ombudsman is investigating the circumstances leading up to the collision.

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Image caption Police said the stolen car was a black Audi A1, reported stolen on Sunday morning

All those injured were taken to hospital, however the child and one other person were later discharged. One man is believed to be in a critical condition.

The Irish News reports that a number of trees were uprooted and upstairs windows in nearby homes were smashed.

Chloe McLaughlin, who works in a nearby shop, told the paper: "I could see two boys' heads hanging out the window and bleeding and then I heard everyone screaming.

"People dragged them out of the car. It was horrific," she said.

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Image caption Part of the road was been closed

According to the News Letter five ambulances and four-rapid response paramedic teams were present at the scene.

SDLP councillor Paul Mc Cusker told the Belfast Telegraph: "The scenes can't be described as anything other carnage.

"It would seem reckless death drivers have again brought destruction and pain on innocent road users," he added.

'You scream, Ice cream'

The hot weather has really put people across Northern Ireland in the mood for a 'poke', according to the News Letter.

The paper reports that ice cream sales have hit record highs due to the continuing heat wave.

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Image caption Ice cream sales have rocketed as the good weather has continued

One ice cream vendor in Carrickfergus said they were working "flat out on a nuclear scale" due to the relentless demand.

"The vans have been out on delivery rounds three and four times per day," they added.

"There may be a shortage of water, but lets hope that it won't extend to the milk!"

Image caption The heat wave is continuing across Northern Ireland

A hosepipe ban has been in place since last Friday and looks set to remain in place as, according to the Irish News, this is the warmest June in Northern Ireland in 172 years.

The Armagh Observatory, which has records from 1795, told the paper this was the warmest June since 1846.

It said last month was not only drier, but had a higher than average number of hours of strong sunshine than normal.

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Image caption Marjorie and Michael Cawdery were found dead in their home in Portadown

Son-in-law faced killer

'He tried to kill me too,' reads the front page of the Belfast Telegraph.

The son-in-law of an elderly couple who were murdered by a paranoid schizophrenic has told the paper of how the man also tried to kill him.

Charles Little, 66, told the paper how he had to "leap out of the way" as Thomas McEntee drove at him in the couple's car.

McEntee, 41, was jailed for killing 83-year-olds Michael and Marjorie Cawdery in their home in Portadown in 2017.

Image caption Charles Little speaks to media after sentencing was handed down

Mr Little said: "He came walking from round the back of Mike and Marjorie's house holding the car keys in his hand.

"He just walked calm as you like over to the car, got in and started it and revved the engine and shot two feet forward into the wall, then shot back in high reverse.

"I had to leap out of the way and he crashed through the gates and sped off down the road."

'Only safe in my own company'

A man who was falsely accused of rape has told a court that his "world collapsed" upon his arrest, reports the News Letter.

It comes as the woman who accused him of the fictitious attack was given a three-year jail term, suspended for three years.

Image caption Chambers was sentenced by Newry Crown Court sitting in Belfast

The paper reports that Gail Chambers, 51, from Russell Drive in Lisburn, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

In a victim impact statement the man said he no longer trusts people which has had an impact on his social life.

"The only time I feel safe is in my own company," reports the paper.

The court also heard that Chambers, who was born with cerebral palsy, had made a previous false rape claim.

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Image caption Charlotte Caldwell has been treating her severely epileptic son Billy with cannabis oil since 2016

According to the Daily Mirror, a review by one of the UK's senior doctors into medical cannabis has suggested the medicine should be "prescribed under controlled conditions by registered practitioners for medical benefit".

It comes following a campaign by Charlotte Caldwell, to access the drug for her epileptic son Billy.

The paper says Dame Sally Davies was given eight weeks to collect her findings, but returned a conclusion in five days.

Ms Caldwell told the paper: "It's a victory for common sense."