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Ombudsman investigates as police use batons in Lurgan

Police Ombudsman

The Police Ombudsman's Office is investigating an incident that left a young man in hospital.

Three men were arrested following a fight outside a bar on William Street in Lurgan in the early hours of Monday.

Police intervened in the "large aggressive crowd" and used batons, with one male sustaining a head injury.

The PSNI said the man "is now conscious and communicative, receiving hospital treatment".

Sinn Féin MLA John O'Dowd welcomed the ombudsman's investigation and said there was "significant concern among the community regarding the incident".

Image caption John O'Dowd has urged anyone with information to contact the ombudsman

He called on witnesses, "including those who have video footage", to come forward "as a matter of urgency".

He added: "It is vitally important that the ombudsman's office sees all evidence, carries out a thorough investigation and delivers the truth behind the events which led to this young man's terrible injuries."

Video footage

Police said they responded to reports of a "large ongoing fight and disturbance" shortly after midnight.

"As phone footage circulating online shows, a large crowd was present and, whilst breaking up the large brawl, three males were arrested," said the PSNI.

"We took the step of notifying the Ombudsman ourselves and a full investigation from their end will begin upon receipt of a complaint.

"It is important to remember that speculation and short clips of the aftermath of an incident do not show anywhere near the full picture.

"Our own body worn camera footage from several officers of the whole incident is available for the Ombudsman to view."

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