Northern Ireland

Armagh family build a bull from snow

White snow bull Image copyright Nadene Bailie

We have had countless snowmen and women, igloos too, but a County Armagh family have used the recent snow to build something 'udderly' original, a life-size replica of a Charolais bull.

The impressive artwork took several hours to complete in a field on the Cavanakill Road outside Newtownhamilton.

"It's a Charolais bull which are white anyway, " said Nadene Bailie.

Nadene's two daughters, her husband and two brothers-in-law were all involved.

"It took them about five hours to build it. It looked absolutely brilliant, a real masterpiece," she said.


"Unfortunately though as soon as they had finished it, it started to collapse.

"We got some great pics, but it's a real shame it didn't last longer given all the work that went into it."

Would the artwork fetch a 'considerabull' amount of money on the open market?

"As a joke, one of the boys Andy tried to sell it online," said Nadene.

"He described it as being from the Coolontheknees herd, calling the bull Coolontheknees Stormzy."

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