Northern Ireland

PSNI attacked by youths in north Belfast

A fire was started near a playpark in the area
Image caption A fire was started near a playpark in the area

The police air support unit was called to north Belfast after officers came under attack while responding to reports of anti-social behaviour.

Shortly before 20:00 GMT on Saturday, it was reported that a large group of young people had gathered at the Waterworks park on the Cavehill Road.

A fire was started near a playpark and stones were thrown at the police car which arrived at the scene.

An ambulance was called to treat "a highly intoxicated 13-year-old girl".

Officers also helped to find a teenage boy who had sustained a number of minor injuries in the park.

'Put at risk'

Sgt Greg Dawson said local community representatives worked with police to disperse the crowd.

He called on parents and guardians to "make sure they know where their young people are" and what they are doing.

"Young people are being put at risk by becoming involved in the kind of activity we saw last night," he said.

Image caption Police dispersed a large crowd of youths that had gathered at the Waterworks park

"While they have every right to enjoy each other's company, I would just like to remind them that what might initially seem like fooling about can sometimes get out of hand and end up in a criminal record which can affect travel, education and employment opportunities in the future.

"It is really important that young people understand this."

Walking into traffic

Separately, police were also called to disperse a large crowd of drunken youths in Dunmurry on the outskirts of west Belfast on Saturday night.

Image copyright PSNI West Belfast/Facebook

Youths were reportedly "walking out in front of cars and obstructing traffic" in the Kingsway/Dunmurry Lane area, according to PSNI spokesman.

In a Facebook message, PSNI West Belfast asked parents to come an pick up their children, saying they had already taken several intoxicated teenagers home.