21-year-old Moira bird seeks new man

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Geese mate for life and can live for over 30 years

21-year-old bird seeks new man for companionship and possibly more.

Loves flying and water activities.

Seeking younger male with similar interests - must enjoy swimming, flying and the outdoor life.

In the market for a good gaggle - no feather pruners please.

This might seem like an unusual personal ad, but one lonely goose in Moira is apparently heartbroken after her companion tragically died.

Now an appeal has been made to find her a new man - or gander to be precise.

Barbara Mladek is the founder of Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue and is trying to find a "more mature" gander.

"A friend of mine had a pair of geese for a long number of years.

"Unfortunately the gander died on Thursday night and the 21-year-old goose is really distressed pining for her mate," she said.

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A 'top class' home is looking for a gander to be the perfect companion for a 21-year-old goose

Ms Mladek explained that geese mate for life, but if one dies, they can match again if another goose comes along quickly enough.

"As soon as you introduce them one-on-one, the gander immediately protects the goose, they share a bucket of water, and do a head dipping ritual that says 'yeah, you're mine now.'

"It's a lovely thing to watch."

She set up Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue six years ago and is optimistic she will find a match for the goose.

"I've found a gander before for someone who was looking for a mate for her goose.

"There are a lot of people in Northern Ireland who do have a flock of geese; maybe they have too many ganders, or maybe an older gander has lost his mate."

If you have a gander that might fit the bill you can get in touch with Barbara via the Northern Ireland Hen Rescue facebook page.