Irish counties 'paired' with The Simpsons

By Niall Glynn

Image source, Brian Quinn
Image caption, Brian Quinn said the pun DoneGil started the process off

Can you name all 32 counties of Ireland?

It's not as easy as you think, but then try pairing them all with a character from The Simpsons.

That's just what Brian Quinn from Londonderry has done for the Irish Simpsons Fans Facebook group.

Like all great ideas, Mr Quinn said it started out small and then kind of escalated.

Image source, Brian Quinn
Image caption, He said the Kerry and Derry ones were his favourite

"I probably had one pun in my head - I think it might have been DoneGil first," he told BBC News NI.

"I started scribbling more down and I think I had about 17 and I thought: 'I might as well do all 32 now.'

Image source, Brian Quinn
Image caption, One county quickly turned to 17 and then on to all 32

"My girlfriend was watching Grey's Anatomy or something, so I just got out the laptop and started messing about."

By Thursday evening, his post was closing in on 1,000 likes.

Image source, Brian Quinn
Image caption, Are Tipperary people particularly tigh-lipped?

He said he was surprised at which ones seemed to be the most popular.

"It's funny, the last couple that I thought of probably got the most likes and I thought they were kind of scraping the barrel," said Mr Quinn.

Image source, Brian Quinn
Image caption, Is County Down full of Krustys?

"They were the Cork one - Hank Skorkio - and the ones for Meath and Westmeath."

Ireland Simpsons Fans started on Facebook in January 2016 and was the brainchild of Jack Leahy from Dublin and Paul Loughran from Belfast.

Image source, Brian Quinn
Image caption, The Facebook post has received hundreds of likes

Mr Quinn is now the page moderator for the site.

As for his own personal favourite, a bit of hometown favouritism might be at play.

"I'm from Derry and I actually think the Derry and Kerry - Sherri and Terri ones are the funniest and the cleverest," he said.