Apprentice Boys parade takes place in Londonderry

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Around 145 bands took part in the parade

The annual Apprentice Boys demonstration has taken place in Londonderry.

Ahead of the main procession, marchers and bands paraded around the city's historic walls.

It is one of the biggest parades held in Northern Ireland and marks the anniversary of the ending of the Siege of Derry in 1689.

Thousands of supporters from across the UK turned out to watch the 145 bands taking part.

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A wreath was laid at the Diamond in Derry

Having completed a circuit of the walls, members of the Apprentice Boys made their way to the Diamond for a wreath laying ceremony.

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Thousands lined the streets to watch the Apprentice Boys parade

A thanksgiving service, "to give thanks to God for the deliverance of the city," was then held at St. Columb's Cathedral.

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Before the main parade bands marched around the city's historic walls
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The opening parade took place on Saturday morning

The memorial ceremony is held on the second Saturday in August each year, to commemorate the ending of the 105-day siege of the city in August 1689.

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About 8,000 Apprentice Boys and 145 bands participated in the demonstration

Also known as William of Orange, or King Billy, the new monarch was supported by Protestants in Derry, who shut the gates of the walled city to keep out the advancing Jacobite army.

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A drama group re-enacted the Siege of Derry as part of the parade

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