NI newspaper review: Surgeon's bill and superhero send-off

image captionFront page of the News Letter on Thursday

The News Letter leads with the story that the NHS has paid out more than £17m to victims of disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson.

Last week, Paterson, 59, who grew up in Bangor, County Down, had his 15-year jail term increased to 20 years.

Paterson was found guilty in April at Nottingham Crown Court of 17 counts of wounding with intent.

NHS Resolution said that as of 31 July, it had received 277 claims involving his NHS practice and paid £17,411,639 in total on those cases.

The newspaper also reports that Sinn Féin have said they would like to see the police bringing about prosecutions for anyone burning effigies at bonfires regardless of where they are located.

image source, SWNS
image captionIan Paterson was found guilty of 17 counts of wounding with intent

The party's comments come after a poster of former Ulster Unionist MP Danny Kinahan was spotted on a bonfire in the New Lodge area of Belfast this week.

Mr Kinahan's eyes were crossed out on the poster and a line was drawn around his neck.

A Sinn Féin spokesman said there was "no equivocation" on its position on bonfires.

The Irish News front page reports on a father-of-two from County Antrim who has taken his own life after being confronted at his home by self-styled "sexual predator hunters".

It says he died on Tuesday morning after being challenged by members of the group Silent Justice on Sunday.

The newspaper says that in an encounter on Facebook live the man admits sending images of himself but denies he knew that the recipient claimed to be a 14-year-old girl.

He objects to the conversation being broadcast live, but is told he is under "citizen's arrest" and that he is not allowed to go back into his house.

Silent Justice says it has since removed the recording from a Facebook page it operates.

It is understood police attended the scene, questioned the man and that he was released on police bail on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Belfast Telegraph leads with the story that more than £70m has been spent on Northern Ireland's biggest road scheme, the A5 Western Transport Corridor, despite the project being stalled for a decade.

The plan, which was originally given the green light in 2007, would see the A5 upgraded to a dual carriageway from the border near Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, via Omagh and Strabane to Londonderry.

image source, Belfast Telegraph
image captionA superhero salute at the funeral of Belfast boy Jayden Morrow

It has been delayed amid legal wrangles and funding issues.

Figures obtained by the Belfast Telegraph show that development expenditure between 2007 and 2017 is in the region of £77m.

image source, Belfast Telegraph
image captionThe Superman logo featured on Jayden's coffin

It also reports on the death of the former household manager of the Queen's official residence in Northern Ireland, David Anderson.

Mr Anderson, who was 58, held the post at Hillsborough Castle for 25 years.

Former NI Secretary Shaun Woodward described him as "the embodiment of reliability".

image source, Equality Commission
image captionÁine Magorrian was made redundant five months into her second maternity leave

The Daily Mirror reports on a woman who lost her job while she was on maternity leave who has accepted a £9,000 settlement from her ex-employer after taking a sex discrimination case.

Áine Magorrian from Castlewellan, County Down, was made redundant by Saliis, a renewable energy firm, five months into her second maternity leave.

Her legal challenge alleged unfair dismissal and unlawful discrimination on grounds of gender and pregnancy. The case was settled before it reached an industrial tribunal hearing.

A number of papers including the Daily Mirror, Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News feature the superhero send-off for Belfast boy Jayden Morrow whose funeral took place on Wednesday.

Six-year-old Jayden died on Saturday following a battle against cancer.

Boxer Carl Frampton was among those attending the celebration of Jayden's life at Willowfield Parish church.

A selection of mourners dressed as comic-book characters including Captain American and Batman formed a guard of honour, while Jayden's coffin was emblazoned with the Superman crest.