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General Election 2017: NI candidates confirmed

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Image caption Nominations closed on Thursday 11 May

A total of 109 candidates are standing for election in Northern Ireland in the Westminster poll on 8 June.

In the general election two years ago, 138 people put their name forward.

Ulster Unionist MLA Alan Chambers has withdrawn his candidacy in North Down, where the party said the independent unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon enjoyed overwhelming support.

Three of the main parties - Sinn Féin, the SDLP and Alliance - are contesting Northern Ireland's 18 constituencies.

Of the 109 candidates, 36 are women - that amounts to 33%, up on 2015 when just under a quarter of the candidates were women.

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The Democratic Unionist Party is standing aside in Fermanagh South Tyrone but is fighting the remaining 17 seats.

In addition to North Down, the Ulster Unionist Party is not contesting North Belfast, West Belfast or Foyle.

The Green Party and the Conservative Party are both fighting seven seats. People Before Profit and the Workers Party are both contesting two seats each, and the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV), just one.

The UK Independence Party, which put up 10 candidates in 2015, is not contesting any Northern Ireland seats this time around.

The number of TUV and Conservative candidates is also sharply reduced - the TUV fielded 10 candidates in 2015, and the Conservatives, 16.

One candidate is standing for the Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance, formed by ex-members of the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol party and sharing the same initials.

Four independents are in the race including Lady Hermon.

Nominations closed on Thursday 11 May.

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