Car crashes into shop window in Belfast

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Car crashes into shop window in Belfast

A car has crashed into a shop window in south Belfast.

It is understood the car was being driven by an elderly man. The emergency services have been attending the scene.

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Police said the crash happened at about 17:00 BST near the junction with Osborne Park.

No-one is thought to have been seriously injured and it is understood the crash has not caused any major traffic delays.

Eyewitness Jill Brennan said she heard a huge bang.

"The car accelerated from the Lisburn Road pretty much straight into the front of Russell's, the grocery store.

"It was so lucky there was nobody outside the shop, there was literally a dog tied up outside the shop, but it was so lucky there was no one walking, particularly in that part of the road at that time.

"They would have been wiped out if they had of been there.

"They were also really lucky there was no-one at the front of Russell's at that time either."

She added that the bang was "unbelievable".

"Everyone ran over to see if there were casualties, the dog was going mad but the owner of the dog came and took it away."

She said that an older couple were in the car and that they both appeared to be shaken but not seriously injured.

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