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Londonderry man jailed for dragging puppy along ground

Puppy paw, stock image Image copyright dimarik
Image caption There were fears the puppy would not survive its mistreatment

A man who dragged his puppy along the ground by the lead on one of its first walks has been jailed for three months.

Patrick Collins, of Lower Nassau Street, Londonderry, was reported to police on 1 August 2016.

A passer-by said they saw the puppy lying on its side and being pulled "like a dead weight".

When police came to his home, he lifted the unresponsive terrier by its ears and held it in his arms.

When examined by a vet, it was noted that the puppy's heart rate was slow, it had cuts on its paws and there were fears it would not survive, but it did eventually recover.

On 2 August, Collins was interviewed and said he did not believe he had ill-treated the dog in any way.

Image caption A judge at Londonderry Magistrates Court said the puppy survived thanks to the excellent care of a vet, rather than because of any actions by Collins

He then became abusive to police officers and accused them of beating the dog.

He later admitted two counts of animal cruelty.

Collins's defence solicitor said it was quite clear from the probation report that he now accepted his wrongdoing.

The lawyer said that, at the time it happened, his client was "hardly able to look after himself, never mind an animal".

He had acknowledged his behaviour was completely unacceptable, not only in terms of the animal but also his son, for whom the dog was bought.

The judge said the puppy had survived thanks to the excellent care of the vet, rather than because of any actions by Collins.

As well as being jailed for three months, Collins was also disqualified from owning a pet for life and ordered to pay £909 in costs.

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