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Newspaper review: Crocodiles and flash mobs in Tuesday's papers

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Crocodiles, homelessness and a flash mob, are just some of the stories featured in Tuesday's papers.

The Belfast Telegraph,Irish News,News Letter and Daily Mirror all feature First Minister Arlene Foster's vow to "never" agree to an Irish language act.

The News Letter carries a photo on its front page of the first minister at an election event in Lurgan.

She told party members that "if you feed a crocodile, it will keep coming back for more".

At a separate event, when told of Mrs Foster's comments, Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams quipped: "See you later, alligator."

'No surrender'

The Belfast Telegraph carries a warning from the DUP leader that Mr Adams is back "front and centre" and out for a valedictory run before he "leaves the scene".

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Image caption Arlene Foster told party members that 'if you feed a crocodile, it will keep coming back for more'

Irish News columnist John Manley says Mrs Foster's speech showed she has retreated to a 'No surrender' message and says that, along with her deriding of the Sinn Féin president, will loom large in everything the party's members say between now and the election.

He ponders that in three weeks we will know whether the "electorate has grown weary of such arguments or whether long-standing divisions will simply be reinforced".

Elsewhere and the paper asks if the DUP has broken election broadcasting rules by filming part of its party political broadcast on the steps of Parliament Buildings.

Writing in the Daily Mirror, political consultant Quintin Oliver, adopts a more positive tone and outlines four reasons why he believes the parties are "likely to come to a further arrangement than not".

Image caption David Gordon, a former editor of the BBC's Nolan Show, was appointed as Stormont's new press secretary in controversial circumstances last year

He says the poll represents a fresh chance to vote for the future, to vote for hope and to create fresh change for everyone.

Staying on a political theme and the News Letter reports that "Stormont's top spin doctor" is soon to be out of a job after only six months.

'Much hope'

David Gordon, who was formerly the editor of the BBC's Nolan Show, was appointed by the office of the first minister and deputy first minister.

The paper says there is an outside chance that when a new first and deputy first minister are appointed after the election that he will be reappointed but says Mr Gordon "does not appear to be holding out much hope".

A post by Mr Gordon on Facebook says: " Losing my job in a few weeks. But Manchester City are up to third and Kylie is single again. Swings and roundabouts."

Image caption A serving PSNI officer told the Belfast Telegraph that terror gangs are taking over the role of police in parts of Belfast

The case of a Dublin man arrested trying to transport 1.6 kilos of high grade explosives and three detonators on bus to Londonderry features in several of the papers.

Patrick Brennan, from Clondalkin, Dublin, was jailed for seven years at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin on Monday.

The Daily Mirror obtained photos of some of the items police recovered on the bus and described it as a "deadly haul" which could have killed dozens of passengers.

A terror warning also features in the Belfast Telegraph's lead story.

Significant efficiencies

The paper has spoken to a serving PSNI officer who has warned that terror gangs are taking over the role of police in parts of Belfast.

It is a situation that has arisen, according to the officer, due a lack of police resources and delayed response times.

Ch Supt Chris Noble told the Belfast Telegraph that policing, like all other front line public services has had to deliver significant efficiencies but reassured the public that "the PSNI had the appropriate number of officers available 24/7 across Belfast".

The plight of the family of a young boy from Northern Ireland receiving treatment in a US hospital is also carried by several of the papers, including the News Letter.

Image caption Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell showed his fun side while attending his niece's wedding

The paper reports that Charlotte Caldwell is sleeping rough after treatment costs for her son, Billy, who suffers from a life-threatening form of epilepsy, spiralled.

The mum from Castlederg said funds that had been raised did not cover the cost of their accommodation.

On a lighter note - crooner and housewives favourite, Daniel O'Donnell showed his fun side while attending his niece's wedding in County Donegal.

Bride Patricia Doogan was left stunned when her uncle and a host of other singing stars organised a music tribute during her wedding Mass.

The paper says it echoed scenes from the film Love Actually as the singers were scattered among the congregation at the service last Friday.