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Newspaper headlines: Lottery win and RIP Ireland's oldest cow

Wednesday 25 January Daily Mirror front page Image copyright Daily Mirror

The RHI scandal continues to make headlines, but there's also room for a bumper Irish lottery win, Oscar nominations and the fallout from yesterday's Supreme Court Brexit decision in Wednesday's newspapers.

First up, it's the scandal that refuses to burn out - the Belfast Telegraph and News Letter both carry stories relating to that rather infamous heat scheme on their front pages.

"£2.5m fraud probed in just one RHI case" says the Belfast Telegraph, reporting that energy watchdog Ofgem is investigating a suspected multi-million pound claim to the scheme.

According to the paper, it's been suggested it would take four biomass boilers running non-stop every day for 20 years to rack up a £2.5m claim. That's a lot of heat.

Meanwhile, the News Letter leads on the news that the public inquiry into the scheme will not sit for any public hearings before March's assembly election.

It reports that Finance Minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir has confirmed that Sir Patrick Coughlin will chair a three-person panel into the scheme. Judging by events just in the last month or so, the panel has its work cut out.

Image caption Máirtín Ó Muilleoir has confirmed who will head up a public inquiry into RHI

Elsewhere, the News Letter dedicates the rest of its front page, and three pages inside, to what it describes as Stormont's condemnation of a "missing man bail scandal".

The debate at Stormont was inspired by the case of Damien Joseph McLaughlin, a man charged in connection with the murder of prison officer David Black who has gone missing after being bailed.

Meanwhile, all the papers on Wednesday dedicate at least some space to yesterday's Supreme Court judgment over Brexit, with the Belfast Telegraph and Irish News both calling for unity among Northern Ireland's politicians over the Article 50 saga.

One lucky winner

"(Northern Ireland's MPs) may not agree on whether leaving the EU is a good or bad move," says the Belfast Telegraph. "But they must speak with one voice in ensuring that the best possible deal - taking into account our peculiar interests - is pursued during the divorce negotiations."

"It is up to our politicians to fight for the best deal for the people of Ireland, north and south," says the Irish News.

Brexit has involved plenty of discussion around the UK's financial and economic future but, according to the Daily Mirror, one Irish person need not worry about money ever again.

"Irish punter wins £75m" says its front page, adding that it's not yet known where on the island this extremely jammy individual lives.

However, Northern Ireland's record lottery win of £20.1m in 2004 could be under threat if the lucky winner turns out to be from up here.

Image copyright Focus Features
Image caption Loving it: Irish-Ethiopian actress Ruth Negga has been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar

Speaking of gold, the Irish News is talking Oscars.

The nominations came out on Tuesday with some Irish interest among the nods, including Best Actress nominee Ruth Negga who has attracted praise for her role in Loving.

But, the paper reports, there was also a nod for Dublin-born costume designer Consolata Boyle (for Florence Foster Jenkins) and a Best Original Screenplay nomination for the Irish-funded (and Colin Farrell starring) film The Lobster.

And finally, a tribute in the Daily Mirror after Ireland's oldest cow died from a heart attack.

Jenny passed away in Clonakilty, County Cork, after racking up 33 years. "She was the queen among cattle," says her farmer owner. RIP Jenny.