Northern Ireland

Samurai incident Taser use justified, says Police Ombudsman

PSNI officers were justified in using a Taser stun gun during the arrest of a man armed with a samurai sword, the Police Ombudsman has said.

The incident happened in August 2015 in Belfast city centre.

The man had complained that he had stopped and given himself up before the Taser gun was used.

However, the Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire said the officer's actions were "justified", given he was alone in a dimly-lit street.

Dr Maguire added that the officer had reported that he was not sure if the man was stopping to give himself up, or to prepare for an attack.

The Police Ombudsman has also ruled that officers were justified in using Taser stun guns in three other incidents in Belfast, Portadown and Antrim.

Dr Maguire said that in each case, the use of Taser stun guns had been "lawful, justified and proportionate", given the risks posed to officers by the situations they faced.

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