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Stray goat goes wild at Carrickfergus shop

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Media captionThe shop owner heard a bang at the door and saw the goat staring at him

A goat has head-butted a pensioner and jumped on cars in a County Antrim town.

Staff and customers ran for cover when the unusual visitor appeared at the doors of the Eurospar store in Carrickfergus on Saturday morning.

The shop manager told BBC News NI the stray goat charged at one of his regular customers, named Billy.

He said the goat "butted" Billy in the back before he managed to drag the pensioner into the shop for safety.

"We had to trail him inside," the manager said, but added that the pensioner was not injured.

'Got to be kidding!'

In the forecourt of the shop, the goat got up on its hind legs and jumped on two cars, one belonging to a customer and another to a staff member.

Speaking to the Carrickfergus Times newspaper, the manager said: "I was on my own in the store at around 6.20am and thought it was the bread man knocking."

Image caption The goat got up on its hind legs and jumped on cars outside the shop on Victoria Road on Saturday

He looked up and saw the goat outside the door, adding: "It seemed to want to break into the shop and it was staring straight at me."

The manager described how the goat began eating flower baskets outside the shop on Victoria Road and then frightened staff and customers as they tried to get into the building.

"It was into the baskets eating all the plants and running round the car park, I thought: 'you've got to be kidding me!'"

He said one customer tried to use the ATM when she spotted the goat and ran back to her car.

Image caption The goat proved to be a tricky customer

Another customer shouted a warning to a member of staff who was walking in to the shop to start work.

The manager said his employee replied: "Yeah, right" But when she spotted the goat she dived in to the customer's car for cover.

The incident ended when a man, believed to be the goat's owner, arrived at the shop and dragged the goat off by the horns.

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