Northern Ireland

Teenagers rescued after car trapped in Stranocum river

Fireman rescues teenagers from top of stranded car Image copyright Matthew Steele
Image caption The teenagers were rescued by the fire service

Three teenagers have been rescued after their car was trapped in the River Bush in County Antrim.

The two men and a woman, all aged 19, were driving on the Livery Road at Stranocum when fast-flowing water engulfed their car.

They were driving on part of the road which is normally passable by cars, but had been flooded after heavy rain.

The fire service said they could have been swept downstream if they had not climbed on top of the vehicle.

The vehicle is still stranded on the Livery Road.

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Media captionTeenagers 'were on roof in shock' after car trapped in river

The level of the water reached the bumper of the car, cutting the electrics, at about 19:00 GMT on Thursday.

Maurice Field from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service praised the teenagers' actions.

"They were actually on the roof of the car, they were very sensible," said Mr Field.

"We don't give teenagers a lot of sense, but they made a 999 call and got on top of the roof to await the arrival of the emergency services.

"They didn't attempt to self rescue, because the river was quite swollen and fast-flowing at that stage."

Photographer Matthew Steele, who witnessed the incident, described it as pretty shocking.

Image caption Photographer Matthew Steele, who witnessed the incident, described it as pretty shocking

"The teenagers were sitting on the roof of the car, they were in shock and not saying much, they were awaiting rescue," he added.

"The car was well in the water. It was originally on a concrete ledge, a ford they had driven across.

"The river had pushed the car 90 degrees and it was getting pushed downstream.

"When the fire service arrived there was no hanging around - they were out with the gear straight away."