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Seven deadly sins of internet use

Are you an angel polishing your virtual halo in cyberspace or a devil on the D-drive?

We've put together the seven deadly sins of internet use.

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Image caption An you a divil on t'internet?

1. Pointless passwords

You use the same password for everything. Why waste valuable brain power? It's easy, isn't it? Maybe it is your name. Hard to forget that one.

Maybe it's your mum's name - her maiden name, you're clever eh?

And if you really are tired and stuck with all those passwords, why not go for that old faithful, yes, that's it: "PASSWORD". Every sucker's favourite.

Couldn't be easier and a million fraudsters across the world are sitting licking their lips, rubbing their hands together and primed to help themselves to all your worldly goods.

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Image caption You don't have to be paranoid to know they are out to get you there

2. Old software

You never, ever update your software... and certainly not your virus software.

It's such a pain when that little box pops up. It's like your mother going on and on and on about cleaning up your bedroom when you have much better things to be doing on Tinder.

Nag, nag, nag, says the little box. Switch it off, why don't you?

But, like the tidying bedroom, you know you'll feel better when you sort it out.

3. Over-sharing

You over-share.

You're on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - you even have an old Bebo account . You have 100,000 friends and you want to hug them all.

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Image caption It's all a big scary puzzle out there

But tell them your date of birth, your mother's maiden name or the moniker of your cute cuddly pooch at your own risk.

Ask yourself... who's reading this? Keep asking.

4. Living in the limelight

That webcam. Turn it off.

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Image caption Are you lookin' at me? Channel your inner de Niro

George Orwell wrote 1984 years before Steve Jobs was a twinkle in his daddy's eye. But he knew the dangers. Big Brother is always watching.

When you're sitting there surfin' in your old jammies and dressing gown with a bucket of popcorn by your side, be very afraid. You are never really alone. Somebody out there could be watching.

Channel your inner Robert de Niro... "Are you lookin' at me? Are you lookin' at me?"Always assume somebody, somewhere is.

Turn off the camera or cover it up. Even Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, tapes up his webcam and mic! If it's good enough for him...

5. Picking up prizes

You've won a prize. You've won a big, big prize. You've won a lottery in Nigeria.

Lady Luck is smiling on you. All you have to do is hand over your bank details so they can send the lolly.

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Image caption Like, where are you from... Craggy Island?

Honestly? What planet are you on?

Right so, Ted!

6. Taking the (click) bait

That strange email that popped into your in-box - It's got a good mate's name on it.

She's dying to share something really really funny with you - like that video of the robot vacuum cleaner that hit the dog dirt and boldly went all over the house with it or the cute cats playing pat-a-cake in French.

Come on ... you know you want to. But what really lurks behind that link?

Your finger hovers. You pause.

There's something not quite right about it. But hey, you've got an itch that needs scratched.

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Image caption Bruce is off dying hard and saving the world... you're on your own

You click... the words tumble off your computer screen, letter by letter by letter.

It's Armageddon for you in cyberspace and Bruce Willis is off out somewhere Dying Hard or getting a hair cut.

You have been warned.

7. Drinking and dealing

Image caption Wake up ... you bought a nuclear bunker in Ballymena last night!

Approaching a computer late at night with a drink in one hand and a credit card in the other is so not a good look.

Wake up the next day and that nuclear bunker in Ballymena could be yours... really.

Or there's always the Tornado fighter jet - one for the lads' night out.

Personally, I'm in love with the big Chieftain tank, but the neighbours might not share the love.

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