Northern Ireland

From the wise to the wacky: NI entrepreneurs feature in new BBC show

Philip McIntosh and Mike Crow are among the entrepreneurs in the new show
Image caption Philip McIntosh and Mike Crow are among the entrepreneurs in the new show

A wristband that monitors people with dementia alerting carers when things go wrong is just one of the inventions featured in a new BBC Northern Ireland series.

Made in Northern Ireland, presented by Stephen Nolan, features local entrepreneurs with their wise and sometimes wacky ideas.

The wristband is the brainchild of a Belfast man and will feature in the first programme.

Other ideas include a personalised hip flask and a portable ramp for skateboarders.

Image caption Made in Northern Ireland is presented by Stephen Nolan

The inventions have been designed in homes, sheds, garages and workshops across Northern Ireland and the show launches them to the public.

Four people will be given the chance to say what gets the thumbs up and what is a "no, no."

Later in the series, Stephen Nolan interviews a man from Randalstown who has created lavender-scented pet grooming mats. These are designed to soothe dogs and prevent cross contamination.

He also travels to Newtownabbey to see a phone app designed to help deaf people contact emergency services using their mobile phones.

Established entrepreneurs who are blazing a trail with their inventions also feature - these include the owners of a company selling GPS player analysis technology for sport and a couple who started a craft gin distillery and are now exporting their product to Dubai.

Made in Northern Ireland is on BBC One Northern Ireland on Monday 26 September at 19:30 BST.