Northern Ireland

Nama's investigations and inquiries - how many are there?

Image caption The National Assets Management Agency( Nama) is the Republuc of Ireland's "bad Bank"

The Irish government says it intends to set up an investigation into the sale of Nama's Northern Ireland portfolio - Northern Ireland's biggest ever property deal.

The £1.24bn sale, called Project Eagle, first became embroiled in controversy in July 2015, when allegations of political interference were made in the Dáil (Irish Parliament).

Ongoing Nama investigations;

  • The transaction is the subject of investigation by the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA). Two men arrested by the NCA in June have been released on bail.
  • The Northern Ireland Assembly's finance committee has been investigating the sale. This inquiry became embroiled in controversy in June when allegations that a key witness was coached emerged.
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland is investigating those coaching allegations.
  • In the Republic of Ireland, the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, which investigates serious allegations of white collar crime, opened an inquiry in July last year, following Independent TD Mick Wallace's claims of bribery.
  • In January 2015, the Northern Ireland Law Society commenced an inquiry into the circumstances which led to the resignation of solicitor Ian Coulter from Belfast legal firm Tughans. It said it did not have a "wider remit to investigate individuals who are not solicitors".

Proposed inquiry;

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