Northern Ireland

Gardaí challenge PSNI to dance-off: "Show us your moves"

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Media captionThe gardaí challenged the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to a 'running man' dance off

The gardaí (Irish police) have challenged the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to a 'running man' dance off.

The bobbies were quite literally on the beat when they posted the challenge on YouTube and tweeted the video.

The PSNI have accepted the challenge to "show us your moves".

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin tweeted that he had "two left feet" but he was sure someone in the PSNI would take up the challenge.

Image copyright Gardaí/Twitter

He also said that Chief Constable George Hamilton was "some mover".

The chief constable responded on Twitter that Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris "has much more rhythm".

The video posted by Irish police show the gardaí getting down to the grooves of My Boo, a 1996 track by Ghost Town DJs.

The 'running man' challenge has become a viral phenomenon after it was first issued by basketball players in the United States.

Image copyright Twitter

The challenge has been picked up by police forces around the world after police in New Zealand used it as part of a recruitment drive.

They released a video of officers doing the 'running man' dance and challenged forces around the world to a dance-off.

That video has led to slew of online responses, challenging various people or organisations to complete the challenge and post a video online.

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